Track and field in this paper, the

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Introduction of track and field events

Track and field activities (track and field) is called the field events and track events. It is a combination of rate and the ability, strength and skills of comprehensive sports activities. "Swifter, higher, stronger" Olympic activity energy can be in many ways perhaps meet through the process of track and field events.

Strict sense of track and field activities are divided into two parts of the field and track events.

Field events important point to stop outside the runway, like the high jump, long jump, javelin game names; Track important means in implementation of walking on the runway. It is slowly in the is the social practice of human beings and grow up.

Track and field events feature

(1) life close related

  Walking, running, jumping and throwing is the basic skill, human life is the most fundamental athletics activity list the activities of the situation. These natural measures skills and skills to further control the athletics activity has a very close connection, these natural measure standard, is helpful to correctly, control of track and field events skills quickly.

(2) possess universality

  Track and field events have individuality, has widespread mass. Track and field events in addition to relay outside running, so the ego as the unit names to join the game activities, group achievement and ranking mostly by the ego accomplishment and ranking and relay achievement ranking score together. Track and field events is one of the biggest names in sports activities, it includes five categories of many individual, is names up to any events in the game, participating activities member at nominal, often join the track and field events are up to.

(3) a brief simple and feasible

  Join the track and field events rarely been qualified premise. Men and women both young and old can perhaps in the plain, the desert, grassland, avenue, road, the beach, sand, such as hills, mount guard, parks, wider peace zone in track and field activities. Lower level of track and field competition to start from the reality, random strain, "can any strong, homogeneous, may suffer an altitude of shoes shoe nail can be used to track and field". Application a brief simple garden stuff and equipment will also lower level track and field events.

(4) to improve their physical and mental health

  Activities of each individual and universal items of track and field, on the human body state, important figure nature water temperature and the differences of physical properties of the request, active member to leave from my reality and characteristic, nominal decision activities, control the ego characteristic ancestors, while the activities of the skills.

Classification of track and field events

Short interval run

  English for Sprint, Sprint for short. Run the fundamental human are born with, since the ancient times is a kind of competition situation, nearly every country in the literature are described. According to historical records, sprint is unique in 776 BC, the ancient Greek Olympic Games sports items, the interval is 192.27 meters. Contemporary sprint from Europe, the first were added to the official games in 1850 at the university of Oxford, the activities of the meeting, when 100 yards, 330 yards, 440 yards. The end of the 19th century, for the standard nominal setting, will walk intervals from code system to metric system. Pro performance items at first, after gradually extended to professional activities. Activities necessary application part of the game the blocks, listening to a standard lights the same run, necessary within their own track running from beginning to end. The Olympic Games names male, ?

In the interval to run

  distancerunning, or run. Last names is 880 yards and 1 mile run, beginning from the middle of the 19th century, 880 yards and 1 mile run nominal gradually by 800 meters and 800 meters run items instead. Some scholars think that middle names the first official match is held in London on November 1, 1847, the British Leyland (John Leyland) in 2 minutes 01 seconds achievements won 800 yards. After the former professional player performance items, gradually extended to professional activities. Activities the game should not be used when the blocks, listening to a standard lights the same start. Olympic Games names male, the female are 800 meters and 1500 - meter run, a man in this nominal joined in 1896; Man joined in 1938, the 800 - meter dash in 1972 to join the 1500 - meter dash.

Long interval run

  Longdistancerunning, hereinafter referred to as the dash. The last names for 3, 6 miles run, beginning from the middle of the 19th century, gradually replaced by 5000 meters and 10000 - meter run. According to records, the first formal contemporary sprint race is held in London on April 5, 1847, the professional game, Britain's Jackson in 32 minutes and 35 seconds 0 achievements of 6 miles run champion. The Olympic Games names male, the female are 5000 meters and 5000 meters running. A man names in 1912 to join; Man joined in 1996, the 5000 - meter dash in 1988 to join the 10000 - meter dash.


  From the UK. By the shepherd over fences game to transform to the shelter. Hurdles first application of the timbering on the hurdle is buried at high altitude or the fence, 1900 mobile inverted T glyph hurdle. Someone will T 1935 hurdle to l-shaped column frame, the other end of the l-shaped column frame leg ran into a bias towards the active member, a little resistance can be overturned, adding to the bar the fear of physiological activity member. The Olympic Games man 110 - meter hurdles, consequently run 400 - meter hurdles (1896); A man 100 - meter hurdles (joined in 1932, when 80 meters hurdles, 1972 to 100 meters hurdles), 400 - meter hurdles (1984). Man 110 - meter hurdles bar is 106 cm high, 400 meters hurdles bar is 91.4 cm tall; Man 100 - meter hurdles bar is 84 cm high, 400 meters hurdles in the bar high for 76

Relay Race

  Track and field event in one's personal items. In teams, each team of 4 people, each running the same interval. There are multiple claims its source, and some feel comes from the modern Olympic Games torch of fire in a memorial ceremony, some thought and Africa as "carrying firewood" or "carrying water altar" game has nothing to do, also some think is from notification letters of clerical YouYi metamorphosis.

  The Olympics nominal points men's and women's 4 x 100 meters relay and 4 x 400 meters relay. In 1908 Olympic Games were the first to set up 4 relay names, but as a result of the four activities run interval. In 1912 Olympic Games to 5 set 4 by 100 meters relay and 4 x 400 meters relay. Man 4 x 100 meters relay and 4 x 400 meters relay separation was to join the Olympic Games in 1928, 1928. Relay event member should be run their specified interval, and necessary in 20 meters relay overlapping zone to achieve well.


  In the 19th century British pluck up. The last stop in the wild, over obstacles is the branch, the county, interval between each block is also constructed, and the middle of the 19th century beginning to stop on the runway. Some studies report, hinder the run of the differences between the 19th century, has great randomness, short 440 yards, up to 3 miles long.

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